UO Auto-Map - Update Log

Nov 4, 2004 - UOAM.EXE version released.

This should fix some minor problems with various things (such as house logging and character tracking) in Tokuno.  Oops.

Nov 4, 2004 - UOAM.EXE version released.

Adds support for the Samurai Empire map and a couple of very minor bug fixes.

Sept 2, 2004 - UOAM.EXE version and UOAMSVR version 2.1 released.

Fixes linking problems that were broken under Windows XP Service Pack 2.

July 22, 2004 - UOAM.EXE version released.

This fixes auto-calibration which was broken with the most recent UO client releases.

March 1, 2004 - Updated Treasure.MAP

Dizzy at Stratics along with the good folks at the Treasure Hunters of Britannia have just completed an audit of all the treasure sites.  This updated map reflects the results of that audit.

November 12, 2003 - UOAM.EXE version released.

Fixed a couple of bugs with house logging that I introduced with the last version.

Also added a new -a command line option that will tell UOAM that you want to it to ask you for the path to UO's data files at startup.  This is useful if for some reason UOAM is finding UO data files from the wrong place and crashing upon startup.

November 10, 2003 - UOAM.EXE version released.

Custom houses are now supported.  Due to the nearly infinite number of custom house styles available in the game, I decided to only display a simple footprint for custom houses.  They show up on the radar map and they can be logged, just like other houses.  (You still need UOAssist to have houses automatically show up in UOAM.)  See the section on Houses and UOAM for details.

There is a new Menu option on the Map menu (only available when topmost mode is OFF) that lets you tell UOAM exactly where it can find UO's data files.  Normally UOAM goes through a rather complicated procedure to try and find UO's data files.  In rare cases it can be wrong.  Using this option, you can tell it exactly where to look.  See the FAQ for details.

March 11, 2003 - UOAM.ZIP updated with the latest files.

March 2, 2003 - UOAM.EXE version released.

Corrects a bug displaying server lines introduced in the last update.

Also released an updated version of Common.MAP with labels for Malas.

February 12, 2003 - UOAM.EXE version 8 released to support the Age of Shadows expansion.

August 31, 2002 - Champion Spawn locations added to Common.MAP

Thanks to Kelly O'Brian of Drachenfels for mapping the new locations and submitting them to me.

I have also done away with Ilshenar.MAP and IlshenarDungeons.MAP, merging their information into Common.MAP and Dungeons.MAP. Now that all recent clients have access to Ilshenar, it seemed like the right thing to do.

April 23, 2002 - New UOAM.EXE (version released.

Corrects a bug that occasionally caused UOAM to repeatedly rebuild its data files. (Thanks to all of you who submitted logs that helped me finally figure out what was causing this.  This was a tough one to reproduce.)

April 5, 2002 - New UOAM.EXE (version released in conjunction with the opening of UOAM.net.

The only difference is the URL on the help button has been updated to point to the new site.

March 8, 2002 - New UpdateAce.dll (version released to improve download times.

Also released new Japanese UOAM (version with more complete localization and a corresponding new Japanese Common.MAP file.

February 18, 2002 - UOAM version released

Contains support for facet specific map data. Trammel and Felucca are no longer completely identical. UOAM now correctly reflects the differences.

Also released an update Common.MAP with updated labels for Haven and made a very small change to Ilshenar.MAP.

October 24, 2001 - Updated version of Ilshenar.MAP released

Contains labels for the new Ilshenar Central content. Thanks to Luke "Klesk" Canvin for providing the new labels.

September 7, 2001 - UOAM version released

Contains minor update to once again fix auto-calibration with new UOTD client.

September 5, 2001 - UOAM version released

Contains minor update to fix auto-calibration with new UOTD client.

August 14, 2001 - Made a minor correction to a treasure label.

July 16, 2001 - UOAM version released

Made some minor changes to address some confusion with respect to the calibration dialog.

Also added locations pertaining to the Orc Cave and made some very minor corrections to Common.map and Dungeons.map.

June 10, 2001 - Minor label updates

Made some very minor corrections to treasure.map, Ilshenar.map, and Ilshenar Dungeons.map.

June 5, 2001 - UOAM version released

The self-calibration code has been repaired and re-enabled. If UOAM appears to lock up for more than a fraction of a second when starting UO then send me email so I can look into it.

June 3, 2001 - UOAM version released


I had to temporarily disable the self-calibration code due to problems some people were having with it. I'll put it back in when the problems with it are fixed.

June 2, 2001 - UOAM version released


  • UOAM is now completely self-calibrating. (Manual-calibration is still supported in the event that self-calibration should ever fail. But know that if this happens it will be easy to fix and I will be quick to fix it.)
  • Dozens of new icons added thanks to the generous work of Rhodar Drakk (Pacific).
  • New default categories created to take advantage of the new icons. (For the complete list of default categories, see the list in the section titled Adding Icons to UOAM.
  • All .MAP files updated to reflect the new categories.
  • Ilshenar.MAP and Ilshenar Dungeons.MAP updated with dozens of new locations thanks to the work of Luke "Klesk" Canvin.

May 14, 2001 - Updated Treasure.MAP and Common.MAP

Treasure.MAP has undergone a major overhaul. All of the points in the file have been cross referenced with the points marked in Stratics' On-Line Treasure Database and labeled accordingly.

I also removed a bogus label from Common.MAP.

April 28, 2001 - French UOAM v. released

April 23, 2001 - German UOAM v. released

Also made a few minor corrections and additions to Common.MAP.

March 26, 2001 - Updated UOAM.EXE to version

  • Fixed a very rare bug that caused UOAM to occasionally fail to link properly to UOAssist.

March 20, 2001 - Updated UOAM.EXE to version

  • Expanded calibration range to accomodate changes in UOTD client.

March 10, 2001 - Updated Ilshenar.MAP

  • Added Gwenno's memorial

March 9, 2001 - Updated Common.MAP and Atlas.MAP


  • Removed duplicate labels

February 24, 2001 - UOAM version


  • Fixed a crashing bug that impacted people who had installed UO3D and then later uninstalled it. (For the record, if OSI's uninstaller worked as it should this wouldn't have been an issue. *grin*)
  • Also updated Ilshenar.MAP with the location of the Chaos shrine and Chaos moongate (previously marked but unlabeled).

February 22, 2001 - UOAM version


  • Fix problems finding international versions of UOAssist
  • Split calibration so that UOAM maintains separate calibration data for UO and UO3D.
  • Improved handling of corrupted data files.
  • Fixed a couple of typeos in Common.MAP.

February 19, 2001 - UOAM version is released.

New features:

  • UO3D support
  • Use Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, Ctrl-3 to switch between Felucca, Trammel and Ilshenar maps.
  • Two performance dialogs: one for the Britannia map and one for the Ilshenar map.
  • more robust updating through UpdateAce
  • many miscellaneous (some rather obscure) bug fixes
  • Two new label files: Ilshenar.MAP and Ilshenar Dungeons.MAP. These are the Ilshenar versions of Common.MAP and Dungeons.MAP.

February 15, 2001 Magellan's Atlas of Britannia (Atlas.MAP) added to the updater. Visit his web site: Treasure Hunters of Britannia.

February 8, 2001 - New UpdateAce.DLL posted which should eliminate the possibility of corrupted downloads. SETUP.EXE has also been updated with the fix.

February 3, 2001 - Updated Common.MAP with some minor corrections.

December 22, 2000 - UOAM version 6.013 posted with some minor bug fixes.

October 25, 2000 - New UpdateAce.DLL posted to help improve downloads for the few remaining people who have been having difficulty getting updates.

October 24, 2000 - Japanese Common.MAP changed to match the English change listed below.

October 23, 2000 - Common.MAP change: Yew's carpenter is now categorized as a "carpenter" instead of just "other".

October 17, 2000 - Minor bug fixes affecting people who use certain programs which interface with UOAM. Also added a location to Dungeons.MAP and updated Treasure.MAP.

October 9, 2000 - Minor change to UOAM.EXE to improve updating through a firewall.

October 2, 2000 - UOAM version 6 is released

New features:

  • UOAM now has a true installation program (SETUP.EXE).
  • UOAM can now be uninstalled through the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Players can now chat to one another through UOAM. (Chat functionality requires the latest version of UOAM or UOAMSVR.)
  • Linked players' color and font settings are remembered and shared.
  • UOAM now links to an "update server" which checks for updated versions and displays UOAM related news.
  • UOAM no longer needs to be calibrated. Calibration data is now retrieved through UOAM's update server. (Calibration is still supported though, just in case someone has trouble using the update server.)
  • The license agreement has been changed. Users are no longer allowed to share UOAM.EXE or any of its support files; they may only share the SETUP.EXE installation program. Installation is still free. This ensures that all UOAM users will get timely updates.

UOAMSVR version 2.0 is also release to support the new chat protocol.

Common.MAP and Dungeon.MAP have been updated with information on the new dungeon.

June 1, 2000 - UOAM version 5.1 is UOPro

May 21, 2000 - Common.MAP updated with Haven specific labels

May 18, 2000 - UOAM version 5.1 released

New features that do not require UOAssist:

  • UOAM now has a switch which you can use to tell it whether you are on Felucca or Trammel.
  • The cursor's color now follows the setting of the Felucca/Trammel switch: pale red for Felucca, pale blue for Trammel.
  • Labels can be assigned to Felucca, Trammel or both.
  • Players are recognized as being on Felucca or Trammel. (Players using older UOAM clients will show as being on Felucca. UOAM servers do NOT need to be upgraded for this new functionality to work.)
  • Players and shared markers that are on the opposite world are shown in grey. (Opposite from the setting of the Felucca/Trammel switch.)
  • When a player enters Panic! mode, UOAM now plays a sound. You can customize this sound by placing a file named PANIC.WAV in the UOAM directory.
  • New icons representing boats have been added. The default category names for these boats (in case you care) are small boat (X), medium boat (X), and large boat(X) where the X is N, S, E, or W and represents the orientation of the boat.

New features that require UOAssist:

  • Nearby houses and boats can now be shown on the map.
  • Houses can be automatically logged to a file. Consult the documentation for the new UOAssist pane for details.
  • Certain actions will cause text to appear in UO's game window. Consult the documentation for the new UOAssist pane for details.
  • UOAM can automatically detect whether you are on Felucca or Trammel.
  • UOAM can now be controlled by typing commands directly into UO's client. Consult the documentation for the new UOAssist pane for details.

April 14, 2000 - UOAM version 5.0 released

New features:

  • Changing the location of the cursor no longer disables tracking. As soon as the person you are tracking moves, the cursor will be brought back to his or her location. If you want to turn tracking off, you will now have to do it explicitly.
  • Icons (and cursors) can now be assigned to categories. Any file that contains Windows icons or cursors (.ICO, .CUR, .EXE or .DLL) can be used as a source of icons. Non-standard sizes are supported.
  • Icons can be marked with a flag that indicates that the icon should tilt and scale with the map. This enables icons or cursors to be created that represent player structures such as houses or castles.
  • Icons are automatically assigned to categories with well-known names which UOAM perceives as "new". "New" categories are defined as categories for which UOAM has no recorded icon setting. That includes categories that were recorded by older versions of UOAM as well as categories that are newly created either manually or by loading a .MAP file that contains the new categories. A complete list of names that map to predefined icons can be found in the section of the documentation entitled Adding Icons to UOAM.
  • Turning off labels no longer hides the pin or icon marking the location.
  • There is now a setting to disable icons (ctrl-I is the hot-key). Labels that have no icon, or when icons are disabled, will show a pin as in earlier versions of UOAM. The pin will only disappear when both icons and labels are turned off.
  • Moving the mouse over a marked location causes the label and icon to pop-up even if icons and/or labels are turned off.
  • The default configuration for UOAM is now to have icons turned ON and labels turned OFF. This means that you will normally only see something's name when you place the mouse over its icon. (Note: Those upgrading from earlier versions of UOAM will have their label settings preserved and so will not immediately see this behavior. Turn your labels off (ctrl-L) to get this behavior after you've upgraded.)
  • When the mouse is hovering over a marked location, you can now right-click on the mark to get a special menu that will allow you to edit or delete it.
  • Labels are now oriented intelligently so as to avoid being drawn off the edge of the map as much as possible.

February 29, 2000 - UOAMSVR version 1.0 released

Details are available in the UOAMSVR section.

Also, the various .ZIP files have been replaced with self-extracting executables. I got tired of answering email from people who didn't know what a .ZIP file was. With the web becoming more ubiquitous, more and more non-computer-savvy people are using it (I consider this to be a good thing) and .ZIP files seem to be going the way of the dinosaur.

August 30, 1999 - UOAM version 4.0 released

New features:

  • The center mouse button (if you have one) can now be used to position the cursor.
  • UOAM now supports multiple server boundary sets. This has become necessary since the server boundaries on Siege Perilous are arranged slightly differently from the servers on the other shards.
  • The main window now "docks" with the side of the screen. If you position the map window within a short distance of one or two sides of the screen, it will snap to the edge. Until you drag it off the edge(s), it will remain docked there even if the window is resized.
  • Support for multiple monitors has been greatly improved. UOAM is now fully multi-mon aware.
  • Categories can now be assigned a minimum zoom level below which they are never shown on the map. Town categories are hidden below 1x zoom by default.
  • The Files pane has been changed so that it lists all .MAP files in your UOAM directory. Files that are loaded have an X in the checkbox. You can use the checkbox to load and unload files.
  • WARNING! The Remove button on the Files pane used to just remove the file from the list - it now REMOVES the file from your hard drive. There is a pop-up message which will warn you of this when you use it but I figured it wouldn't hurt to warn you again here. (If you ignore the warning and accidentally remove a file, you'll be happy to know that a backup is kept with the .BAK extension. Rename the extension back to .MAP, restart UOAM and you'll get the file back.)
  • There is a new "Scroll Threshold" setting on the Map pane which allows you to specify how close to the edge of the map (percent distance from center) you can travel before the map will scroll. Less scrolling means fewer redraws means better performance.
  • What used to be referred to as the "center marker", is now referred to as the "cursor" since it is no longer necessarily in the center of the map. Wording of some text has been altered to reflect this.
  • There is a new "Full Map" feature under the Map menu and on the Map pane which causes the map to be instantly re-sized, re-zoomed and re-oriented so that the entire game map is shown in 1/8 zoom. When in Full Map mode, you cannot tilt, zoom, resize or pan the map. Turning Full Map mode off will revert to the previous orientation.
  • There is a new command line switch (-f) that will put UOAM in Full Map mode after it starts.
  • A few obscure settings were removed from the Map pane. Too many people didn't understand what they did, and there was really very little incentive for anyone to ever alter them (particularly since the last round of optimizations).
  • A minor change was made to the way the Link pane reports a server's IP address. Most of you will not notice any change. Those of you with more than one active IP address may notice that when you enter server mode, it now displays a different IP address for your machine than it used to. The hope is that UOAM will now be more likely to report the correct IP address for your server. The actual address that clients should use to connect to your server remains unchanged. As before, if a client is unable to connect to your machine on the IP address shown, use IPCONFIG to determine which IP address should be used.
  • There is now a checkbox on the Link pane which will instruct UOAM to save the last used port and password in addition to your player name and the IP address of the last server you connected to. Be advised that checking this box will make this information visible to anyone who may have access to your system and who knows where to look. Of course since this is just a password to some obscure UOAM server (as opposed to . . . say . . . your UO account password), it's highly unlikely that anyone cares. :P
  • The "Center on Player" command has been removed to avoid confusion with the much more useful (and hence much more frequently used) "Track Player" command.

Also, some minor corrections were made to the Common.MAP file.

July 9, 1999 - Two locations added to the Treasure.MAP file.

June 28, 1999 - UOAM version 3.7.1 released

This is a minor update that tweaks the calibration routines so that they continue to function with the latest clients.

No new features were introduced with this version.

May 28, 1999 - Dungeons.MAP updated

This adds the few locations I hadn't mapped before. At this point I consider it to be reasonably complete.

May 26, 1999 - Dungeons.MAP released & Common.MAP updated

Today I released a new Common.MAP file that corrects a few minor errors. Also, a few labels were moved to the new Dungeons.MAP file that was also released today. Almost all subterranean points of interest can be found in Dungeons.MAP but I still need to make a few visits to Wrong and Destard to flush them out a little further. Look for another update to Dungeons.MAP in the near future to flush out the few remaining points of interest.

May 14, 1999 - UOAM version 3.7 is UO Pro

I just heard back from OSI. UOAM version 3.7 has received their approval.

May 10, 1999 - UOAM version 3.7 released

New features:

  • UOAM's rendering engine has been enhanced to allow the use of pre-rendered bitmaps. For each map style and zoom level, UOAM will attempt to make use of one of these pre-rendered maps. If the appropriate bitmap doesn't exist then it will render the map on the fly (just like it did before). Using a pre-rendered bitmap sacrifices disk space but results in a very significant speed improvement, particularly on the zoomed views.
  • In order to make use of the aforementioned feature, a new Performance Settings dialog has been created that allows you to choose which data files you want and builds them for you.
  • All of UOAM's data files are now generated in the UOAM directory, although the code will continue to look for them in all the same places. (See the documentation for the Performance Settings dialog for a list of what those places are.)

And, as usual, I've also made some minor additions and corrections to the Common.MAP file.

April 23, 1999 - UOAM version 3.6 released

New features:

  • The email address on the info pane (and on this site) has been changed to give me more flexibility when dealing with UOAM related matters. My new email address is [email protected]. Please update your address books.
  • Letter based hot-keys now use the Ctrl key to help prevent accidentally triggering them. (Example: where you used to be able to drop the marker with "M" you now need to use "Ctrl-M".)
  • The "Show Game Window" feature has been extended to show the extent of the 800x600 game window in addition to the original 640x480 game window.
  • UOAM servers will now only have a player marker if UO is running on the same machine. This means you can run a UOAM server on a stand-alone machine without having an entry appear in the player list. Clients still show a marker whether UO is running or not (this is to prevent spying).
  • UOAM now has a shared marker (in addition to the original private marker) when operating in linked mode. All players can see the marker. You can use Ctrl-Alt-M to drop or pick up the shared marker.
  • There is a new pane in the control panel called "Marker" that can be used to set the label on the shared marker. The function keys F5-F12 will drop the marker and assign it a label. I suggest that you use the shared marker for assigning rendezvous points, marking a fallen comrade's corpse, calling attention to spawn sites, etc. and reserve the Panic! button for true emergencies.

Note: the new shared marker functionality works best when all parties are using the latest version of UOAM. Older versions will still inter-operate with the newer version but you will notice some odd behavior with respect to the shared marker. Clients that are running older versions will see the shared marker as an unnamed player and they will not be able to drop or pick up the shared marker. Servers that are running older versions will allow the shared marker to be dropped, but the shared marker will disappear after a short period of time. So it isn't strictly necessary that all your friends upgrade but they will probably want to.

Also, there were some updates and minor corrections made to the Common.MAP file.

April 9, 1999 - UOAM becomes just the third app ever to be granted UO Pro status
No longer need you fear when using UOAM, for after a long (and sometimes frustrating) wait, OSI has finally granted it UO Pro status. You may now use UOAM without fear of being banned or labeled "a cheater".

April 7, 1999 - It's only a matter of time now.
Everything is set for UOAM to get approval. I was expecting to hear from OSI today but apparently they haven't updated their UO Pro site yet. So I'm just waiting for their word so I can put up that nifty UO Pro logo. We're almost there.

April 2, 1999 - UOAM version 3.5 released

I wasn't going to release a new version so soon but OSI kind of forced my hand by redoing the server boundaries so here we are.

And today's new features are:

  • Changed the server boundaries to reflect OSI's new configuration.
  • Added new commands to the context menu in the Filters pane: "Center on Nearest" and "Drop Marker on Nearest". Read the on-line help for details.
  • Changed the "go to" function to let you use either x.y coordinates or latitude and longitude. It now works just like the label editing dialog.
  • Added message boxes to buttons that don't do anything if you haven't first selected something. (Some people couldn't figure out how to get them to work.)
  • Reworded some things here and there in an attempt to make them easier to understand.
  • UOAM now periodically checks (once a minute) to see if you have made any changes to the labels. Any changes are automatically saved. A backup of each file (as it existed when UOAM was started) is kept. If you "discard changes and exit" from UOAM it rolls back to the backup, therefore you shouldn't notice this change at all under normal circumstances. This was done to prevent accidental data loss in the event of a crash. It's a subtle change but it should make things much more reliable for those of us who do a lot of labeling.

I have also posted a new version of the Common.MAP file. The big change in this version is that I finally got around to locating the second Serpent Pillar in the Lost Lands.

And I have just heard from OSI on the approval process. They were just about ready to approve version 3.4. My releasing version 3.5 will delay approval just a bit but it shouldn't be long now and since the server boundaries were changed it was really unavoidable.

March 24, 1999 - UOAM version 3.4 released

  • Changed the link on the help button to point to the new web site.
  • Added a "go to" function that lets you move the map instantly to any location.
  • Labels can now be positioned by latitude and longitude in addition to x.y coordinates.
  • Labels now have "pins" to make it easier to see exactly what they are labeling.
  • Labels may now be left blank. (In other words, you can fill your map up with pretty little colored pins if that's what turns you on.)
  • Added hourglasses to blocking link operations (most notably connection).
  • Fixed an elusive and rare repainting bug.

And for the latest in the continuing UOPro saga:

I finally received a phone call from an OSI representative today.

Things are looking up. I think we have put to rest all the remaining issues and approval should be just around the corner.

Keep your fingers crossed.

March 16, 1999 - UOAM version 3.3 released

  • Fixed a glitch that caused UOAM to be off by a single minute when reporting the latitudes and longitudes of locations on the far right and far bottom of the map of Britannia.
  • Fixed calibration problems related to the above problem. Calibration should now work from anywhere a sextant reading can be taken.
  • If UOAM is given a password in a command line parameter it will now properly update the appropriate field in the Link control pane. (The only problem this caused was that the password wouldn't show up when you used the Copy Settings button. Really more of a minor peeve than a serious problem.)

Meanwhile back on the UOPro front:

In the interests of keeping you informed: Lady MOI and I have exchanged probably a dozen emails. Typically the exchange goes something like this:

Belxan: So, any word yet on that issue we talked about?
Lady MOI: Not yet but I should hear something soon.

Currently at issue is UOAM's use of tile coordinates. OSI feels that the only coordinates that you should ever see are latitude and longitude. I maintain that in order to be able to position labels at any location on the map you need to be able to at least adjust a label's position using tile coordinates, otherwise it becomes very difficult to accurately position labels in areas where latitude and longitude don't apply (dungeons).

That's as much as I feel comfortable going into at this moment. But I figured that I at least owed you good people SOME explanation of what's going on. Things do seem to be coming around so hopefully it won't be much longer. Be patient.

March 1, 1999 - UOAM version 3.2 released
Changes in this version:

  • Enhanced network performance. Linked UOAM clients now are much more resistant to network problems. Now UOAM will not hang no matter how bad your net connection.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the timing controls on the link page to initialize to the wrong values.

February 27, 1999 - Update to Common.MAP
Just a few minor corrections and additions, mostly around the city of Minoc.

February 23, 1999 - UOAM version 3.1 released
Changes in this version:

  • The calibration dialog now uses latitude and longitude.

I have also posted a new version of the Common.map file that adds a couple of places that were inadvertently overlooked before.

February 19, 1999 - UOAM and OSI begin negotiations
I have received e-mail from Lady MOI and we are in the process of negotiating what needs to happen for UOAM to receive UO Pro status. There will certainly be some changes. Hopefully they will be minor. I'll post updates here as appropriate. Naturally I will need to be discreet so don't expect to read too many details.

February 9, 1999 - UOAM resubmitted to OSI
Hopefully I'll actually hear from them this time. Art thou listening Lady MOI?

February 5, 1999 - UOAM version 3.0 released.
This is the big one. A complete overhaul of the UI and a host of new features were introduced today. This represents the incarnation of my true vision for UOAM. This is what it was meant to be from the start and I'm very proud of it. *grins from ear to ear*
Changes in this version:

  • custom categories
  • multiple places files
  • new control panel
  • more visible Panic! mode
  • places can be sorted by city
  • places can be sorted by distance from center
  • game window outline feature
  • distance to marker feature
  • drag-drop support for places files
  • zoomed views now place markers in the center of tiles instead of at the corner
  • fixed several obscure bugs (so obscure that I think I'm the only one who found them)
  • new and improved calibration routines (hopefully I won't have to patch like I did after January's client patch)
  • new help button that will take you directly to an on-line support page
  • PLACES.CFG has been renamed to Common.map to avoid confusion, particularly with UO's CFG files. (UOAM will automatically rename PLACES.CFG to Common.map when you first run it.)

In addition, I also have posted a new version of Common.map which contains some minor corrections and adds entries for the new Buccaneer's Den gates and bank.

January 22, 1999 - UOAM version 2.9 released.
This fixes the tracking problems that were introduced with OSI's latest client patch.
I also took advantage of the opportunity to post a couple of minor fixes:

  • The problem with UOAM thinking its window was saved off screen has been fixed.
  • Windows 95 users should no longer need to upgrade to the latest comctl32.dll to run UOAM. This means that no one else should see the "undefined external in comctl32.dll" error that some of you were seeing.

And by the way, still no word from OSI on UOPro approval. And now that I've changed the executable, I will have to re-submit.

December 31, 1998 - Wind has now been mapped.
That makes all of them. Every shop in every city in Ultima Online has now been mapped.
Happy New Year!

December 22, 1998 - UOAM submitted to OSI.
Today UOAM version 2.8 was sent to OSI for approval under the Ultima Online Affiliated Utility Program.

December 18, 1998 - UOAM version 2.8 released.
Barring the discovery of any serious bugs, this is the version that will be submitted to OSI for acceptance as a UO Pro utility. Given all the work that OSI is currently doing for the house patch, I would be very surprised if approval is granted before February. We could be in for a bit of a wait folks.

Changes in this version:

  • fixes some odd behavior when the window is small enough to cause the menu to take more than one line
  • fixes a text alignment problem that sometimes occurred when in linked mode
  • closing the player window will no longer cancel tracking if the player being tracked is highlighted
  • fixes a case where the map data files weren't being generated on some Windows 95 systems

Also, some minor corrections were made to PLACES.CFG.

December 13, 1998 - UOAM version 2.7 released.
Fixes a minor menu problem I introduced with 2.6. (DOH!)

December 12, 1998 - UOAM version 2.6 released.
A lot of changes today.

The following things are new:

  • UOAM will now display the UO server boundaries
  • shadows for most map elements (to improve visibility on lightly colored terrain)
  • labels no longer flicker
  • top-most is now on the menus (to help people find it)
  • link options added to the context menus (now you don't need to leave top-most mode to link up)
  • exit options added to the context menus
  • UOAM now remembers its location, size and top-most state when you exit
  • you can now add labels from the main menu or with a keystroke (press N)
  • the context menu marker command now drops the marker where the mouse was clicked instead of in the center (the main menu version and the hot-key still drop from the center)
  • the center marker can now be displayed larger to make it easier to see

Also, some very minor updates to PLACES.CFG were made (mostly spelling corrections).

December 4, 1998 - UOAM version 2.5 released.
This corrects a problem some people were reporting when running UOAM on minimal (or what setup calls "typical") UO installations.
Judging by the number of bug reports I received, I would guess that what UO's setup program calls a "typical" installation isn't very typical at all. *grin*

December 3, 1998 - UOAM version 2.4 released.
This is truly a red-letter day! UOAM is now fully operational without UOAssist!
Also, some very minor updates were made to PLACES.CFG.

November 30, 1998 - UOAM version 2.3 released.
UOAM can now display sextant coordinates (latitude and longitude).
Re-posted the correct PLACES.CFG from November 28. (Somehow it didn't get updated correctly.)

November 28, 1998 - Buccaneer's Den, Nujel'm and Occlo have been mapped and some minor corrections to PLACES.CFG have been made.

November 27, 1998 - UOAM version 2.2 released.
Added the compass display and fixed a few minor bugs.
Made some minor corrections to PLACES.CFG.

November 25, 1998 - Additions and corrections to PLACES.CFG. Almost all of the passages to and from the Lost Lands are mapped now.

November 23, 1998 - UOAM version 2.1 released.
Mapped most of the Lost Lands along with Serpent's Hold.

Changes in UOAM version 2.1:
Panning with the arrow keys is now unaffected by tilting the map.
(Note that panning with the scroll bars is still locked to the compass points because the scroll bars always reflect latitude and longitude.)
Panning along diagonals is now supported. Use the number pad with Num Lock turned off.
Added ability to have the map follow other players in linked mode.
Added command-line option support. (Use UOAM -? to see the syntax.)
Fixed a very minor cosmetic bug.

November 19, 1998 - UOAM version 2.0 released.
Added linking support. You can now keep track of your friends' locations as well as your own.
Significant performance improvements over version 1.0.

November 12, 1998 - Jhelom has now been mapped.

November 11, 1998 - Initial Limited Release.
The places file currently contains the locations of all dungeons, moongates, cities, and most interesting landmarks in Britannia as well as the locations of the two cities in the lost lands.
The following cities are completely mapped: Britain, Cove, Magincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, and Yew.

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