Belxan's Story


My first recollections of this strange and wonderful life are standing outside the inn at Moonglow with a worthless training sword and a measly 100 gold sovereigns to my name. I quickly traded both in for some equipment worthy of a mighty swordsman; for such I invisioned myself to be, or at least to one day become.

My first forray into the world of my birth brought wonder and amazement. The city where I was born is on an island and as such remains largely sheltered from the world at large. Oh there are thieves and even murderers enough in Moonglow. And yet somehow the hurly-burly bustle of our modern society largely passes that quiet isle by.

A boon at first, my seclusion afforded me the chance to hunt and train largely unmolested. And yet this very seclusion chaffed at my very soul. Zounds! If I could but get away from my sheltered isle and travel the world at large. Out there, surely there were wrongs to right and adventures to be had! In my secluded world, I had barely even seen a mongbat in the wild. The only truly foul creatures I had chanced to see were in our Lord British's royal zoo. Hunting the king's deer (and sheep and bunnies) was becoming less and less of a challenge and I was longing for escape.

Then one day I noticed a strange blue glow. Suddenly standing upon the ground were a half-score mighty adventurers mounted upon noble steeds! By the gods! This was what I had been searching for! I rushed headlong into the blue glow and soon found myself on another island. I rushed in again and found myself in a dark wood.

I wandered through the wood and soon found myself at Empath Abbey. The mainland at last! My joy was full indeed.

At the abbey I met with three other adventurerers: Begby, a poor neophite mage, Toric, a sly ranger of questionable character, and Wayward, a fighter like myself. Together we began to explore the realm.

Since then Toric and Wayward have both shuffled off this mortal coil to be replaced by others more worthy. Begby hath gained greatly in proficiency and somewhat in inventory. I in turn hath improved my skills greatly. We dost not always travel together but oft times we do join up for love of adventure.

In truth I am more of a solitary sort. I tend to travel the woods alone, looking to rid the world of the foul cratures that plague our land. Occasionally I will adventure in the dungeons in search of adventure (and wealth). I make friends where I can and I adventure with whomever I will.

At the time of this writing, only two times have I suffered that disconcerting experience some call death. But that is a story for another time. I see now that it doth grow late and thou dost grow weary of my tale. Perchance I shall take it up again at a later time.

Still if thou dost encounter a swordsman by the name of Belxan, kindly mention that thou hast heard my tale and I will be glad to share with thee the spoils of my hunt.

Fare thee well stout yeoman. May our paths cross at some future time.

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