UOAM License Agreement

This is the complete text of the UOAM License agreement that appears when you install the current version of UOAM.

All UOAM users are expected to understand and agree with these terms. If you do not agree with these terms then you may not use UOAM.


UO Auto-Map (hereafter referred to as UOAM) is protected by copyright. It is illegal to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or modify UOAM in any way without the express written permission of the author.

This license grants you the right to install UOAM on your computer for personal use. You are permitted to copy and share this setup program (Setup.exe) provided that it remain unaltered and no fees are exchanged. You are also permitted to copy and share any label collections (hereafter referred to as .MAP files) which you have created using UOAM. However, you may not make copies of UOAM.EXE or any of its associated program files (except for archival purposes) without permission from the author.

There is a voluntary registration fee associated with UOAM which is used to fund ongoing development of the software. Registering UOAM does not grant you any specific privileges or rights. There are no new features or functions which become available after registration. Registration fees are strictly voluntary contributions and they are not refundable under any circumstances so you would be wise to ensure that the product works and does what you expect before you register.

From time to time, the author may make new versions of UOAM available. The author makes no guarantee that new versions will continue to function properly under all circumstances (although that is certainly his goal). This statement does not imply a commitment to release future versions of UOAM.

The author reserves the right to change this license agreement as circumstances warrant. Users will be advised of any changes through the news banner which is displayed when UOAM is executed. Also, a copy of this license agreement will be on display at the author's official web site: http://uoam.net

This is a "UO Pro" Utility, which means that its use promotes and is in keeping with the spirit of the Ultima Online product, community and value system, and the use of this utility by players will not be considered by Origin Systems, Inc. as cheating.

This product was created, and is marketed and distributed by Steve Blanding under license from Origin Systems, Inc. ORIGIN SYSTEMS HAS NOT TESTED THIS PRODUCT IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER AND DOES NOT KNOW WHETHER IT WORKS IN ANY OR ALL REASONABLY FORESEEABLE SITUATIONS OR THAT IT WILL NOT CAUSE DAMAGE IN SOME REASONABLY FORESEEABLE SITUATIONS. Steve Blanding solely warrants that this product will work as intended to your reasonable expectations, and does not infringe anyone's intellectual property rights.

To verify that this product is a "UO Pro" utility, please go to Origin's website at http://support.owo.com/uopro.html and locate the name of this product. Follow the link on Origin's page back to his site. If you can't find this product listed on Origin's website, then this product is not an approved "UO Pro" Utility. Any and all unauthorized use of the UO Pro logo and/or other false claims of approval are strictly prohibited and shall be prosecuted.

Ultima Online and Origin are trademarks of Origin Systems, Inc. Used by permission.

UO Auto-Map is Copyright � 1998-2002 by Steve Blanding.


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