Belxan's Story

The Death of Belxan

It had been building for some time so it really came as no surprise. Over the past few months I could feel my essence slipping from my grasp. Oft times I would feel the presence leave me for days on end. I would stand in the inn, or even in the forest, feeling alone, as if my very soul had left me, left to fend for myself without the desire to take even a single step.

There were times when I would be fighting one of the creatures that threaten the realm and in mid swing I would feel the presence leave. I would be left there swinging without the drive to press the battle. Most times I would wound the beast badly enough that it would flee; I without the urge to give chase. Occasionally it would wound me bad enough that I would see the colors fade from the world; I without the urge to even heal myself. One time the colors faded and I stood there watching helplessly as a dire wolf killed my faithful steed Orcbait.

The presence would always return, sometimes in time to help me turn the tide of the battle, sometimes not. But I always knew that one day the time would come when it would not return and I would be left alone, without purpose or meaning.

So when the time finally came, it really came as no surprise.

I was resting in the inn, as I often did, when the presence came to me for what was to be the last time.

Today is the day, it whispered, art thou ready?

"Aye," I thought, "indeed it is time."

Then gather up your things and make your preparations.

My last quest.  Notice how much attention I'm getting.  Most people just didn't get it.So I went to the bank and readied my meager collection of belongings. Along the way to the bank and several times throughout the night I felt the presence briefly leave me, but never for long. It seemed determined to stay with me until the end.

 Finally I was ready. "Hear me!" I shouted. "A bag of weapons to the first who will bring me a rune to Humility shrine!" It took longer than I thought it would but soon a stout yeoman named Talon came.

"I have a rune to Humility." He said.

"Then give it here." Quoth I.

Soon the trade was done and I am happy to report that Talon was honorable. He could have easily renamed another rune and I would not have immediately known, but he was true to his word as will be shown later.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked. (That bag was very full indeed.)

"Because it is my time to die and I desire to leave my mark before I go."

Suddenly a chorus of others erupted around us. "Are you quitting? Can I have your stuff?" It pained me to hear such greedy souls. I offered no answer but merely recalled away to verify that the rune was good.

Soon I returned to the bank.

The Shrine of Humility"4500 gold pieces to the first who will bring me a pair of recall scrolls!"

This one was quicker than the first but it was accompanied by the same exclamations of greed. One kind soul said, "Don't quit!" I was touched but I answered, "Nay, it is my time."

Finally I prepared a short book listing my last words, emptied a few useless items on the ground, put all the rest of my worldly belongings in a sack and recalled to the shrine of humility.

Once there, I began slowly walking in to the wilderness, leaving all my worldly possessions in a trail behind me. It was sad to see that even here, on the remote Avatar Isle, there were houses everywhere.

Belxan is abandoned on the shores of Avatar Isle.

When I had finally removed everything from my person except my loin cloth I felt the presence leaving me for the last time. Fare thee well Belxan. Perhaps you and I will travel again some day in another realm.

I felt a tear slowly grace my cheek as I stood on that desolate shore and stared across the waves, never to move again.

The last thing on my person was a book. This is what it read:

Belxan's Book

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