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The players pane is where you manage all the players that are linked together using UOAM's link feature.

Normally this list is empty. When you start a UOAM server or connect to an existing UOAM server, this pane will contain a list of all the players that are linked together.

Clicking on a column will sort the list on the contents of that column.

The columns are:

Name - the name of the player

Panic! - whether or not the player has turned on his "Panic! mode".

Nearest Town - the town that is closest to the player's location.

Coordinates - where the player is located. Sorting on this column causes players to be sorted by distance from the center of the map; closest player first.

World - which world the player is on: Felucca or Trammel. (Note that players running older versions of UOAM will always appear to be on Felucca.)

The buttons allow you to manage the categories in this list.

The buttons are:

Panic! - toggles your "Panic! mode". This causes your player marker to flash and a dotted line to be drawn from your location to the center of every linked player's map. It also causes the border around everyone's map to flash.

The Panic! button is meant to be reserved for true emergency situations. For less urgent situations, it is best to use the shared marker. See the section on the Marker pane for details.

Kick - only available if UOAM is in server mode, this causes a player to be forcibly removed from the player list. Players that are "kicked" cannot rejoin the UOAM session.

Font - allows you to set the font used to display the selected players' names on the map.

Color - allows you to set the color used to display the selected players' names on the map.

Track - causes UOAM to center the map on the selected player and track his or her movements.

At the bottom of this and every control pane is a zoom slider which adjusts the zoom level of the map and a world slider that tells UOAM whether it should display locations pertaining to Felucca or Trammel.

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