UO Auto-Map - On-Line Documentation

The marker pane is where you can assign text to the shared marker.

These buttons (and the associated function keys) are only active when UOAM is operating in linked mode.

Pressing one of these buttons (or the associated function key) will cause the shared marker to be dropped in the center of the map. The marker will be labeled with the text to the right of the button.

The shared marker can also be dropped via the context menu. Right-click on the map where you want to drop the marker and select the appropriate command under the "Link" sub-menu.

The shared marker is visible to all players that are connected to the same UOAM server. There is only one shared marker. If a player drops a new shared marker while the marker is already being displayed, the marker is re-labeled and moved to the new location. If a player picks the marker up, it disappears from every player's map.

It is recommended that players use the shared marker to temporarily communicate points of common interest such as rendezvous points, marking a comrade's fallen corpse, calling attention to spawn sites, etc. and reserve the Panic! button for true emergencies.

At the bottom of this and every control pane is a zoom slider which adjusts the zoom level of the map and a world slider that tells UOAM whether it should display locations pertaining to Felucca or Trammel.

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