Belxan's Story

Belxan the Miner

Seeking to build my strength, I decided to take up mining.

"Cove is the place" I was told. "The cliffs descend within the very town and they fairly reek with ore."

So off to Cove I went. I picked up a few picks and headed for the cliffs of Cove to break my back at the miner's trade.

I spent several days in Cove. It is a dirty empty town filled with dust along with the flotsam and jetsam of society. Populated almost exclusively by miners and soldiers of fortune, it has become perhaps the arm pit of Britannian society.

Ah, but the rocks doth yield a goodly amount of ore. `Tis true. `Twas not long before my biceps were bursting through my tunic. Indeed, there is no excercise to compare with the hard work of the miner. When I left, I could lift two score more stone than when I had arrived!

Now when I begin to feel a wee bit out of shape and sluggardly, I shall return to Cove. Mining could never hold any long term appeal for a warrior such as myself, but it is indeed a fine means to an end. Indeed it is.

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