UO Auto-Map Registration

How to Register UO Auto-Map

IMPORTANT!  UO Auto-Map is no longer being updated!  You do not need to register UO Auto-Map.  It is fully functional at download.  Registration does not unlock any features.  (It never has.) 

If you still wish to register UOAM then go right ahead.  I won't turn your money away and I'll thank you for your nice gesture, but it really isn't necessary.

If you still want to send me money, then there are three ways to register UO Auto-Map:

Method 1 (preferred): Donate via PayPal

Click on this button and you can send me whatever you feel UO Auto-Map is worth.  The suggested registration was $10 but you're free to send as much or as little as you like.

Method 2: Regsiter On-Line using Kagi (PayPal is prefered but this still works)

You can register UO Auto-Map using a secure on-line form which is available by clicking on this link.

This method only allows you to pay by credit-card but the forms are available in several different languages.

Method 3: Register from within UO Auto-Map itself

This method accepts payment in several forms including credit card, cash, personal check or money order but it is only available in English.

To register from within UO Auto-Map, click on the Register UO Auto-Map button in the Welcome dialog and follow the instructions. The Welcome dialog can be found under the Help menu. (The Help menu is on the main menu which is only visible when UOAM is not running in topmost mode.)

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