UO Auto-Map - User Endorsements

This is what people were saying about Belxan's UO Auto-Map way back when it first came out:

(Since then, the comments have only gotten better but posting them here would be redundant and self-serving.)

Received Mon 1/25/99
This utility is fantastic. I used to hate travelling with my brother because we would always accidentally head out in opposite directions as soon as we lost sight of each other. Progress was always agonizingly slow as we would spend more time trying to re-locate each other than we would actually getting to where we wanted to go. Well, with the "link" feature of UOAM, I always know where he is, and where's he's going! We'll never lose each other again!

Thank You!

Received Sat 1/23/99
Shinju <[email protected]>
How did we ever survive without this program?
A must for any adventuring group.

Received Sun 1/3/99
Stefan Malmlund <[email protected]>
Very good prog.



Received Sat 1/2/99
Okaria Dragon <[email protected]>
Excellent utility! The Village of Mordor has a link to you to show how much we enjoy it. *bows*


Received Fri 12/18/98
Wow, this automap thing is amazing. If you don't have this, get it now because I use it, and when we meet I will have twelve friends closing in before you can even alt-tab to ICQ.

Received Wed 12/16/98
Cinder <[email protected]>
Man, this is great for our wars in our guild. We can track our whole guild, and even send out a distress call if need be! Hell, it's got it all, let's hear it for Order!

Received Tue 12/15/98
Descius (Atl)
Very good, especially the friend option.

Received Mon 12/14/98
*drool* `nuff said.
Awesome program.

Received Sat 12/12/98
nice program.

Received Sun 12/6/98
Flotin (Atl) <[email protected]>
I downloaded your program a few days ago and it is great!
The feature where you can make your own labels is ingenious!
Then the freind feature is one of the best ideas for UO yet!
I hope to see many more of your programs in the future!

Received Sat 12/5/98
Chuck King
Just downloaded your utility and so far it is GREAT. It took us two hours yesterday to get my ship back to Moonglow (a friend sailed away when my character lost connection and I was left where the ship was originally put in the water. He was totally lost.) If I had had your tool then, our time would have been cut in less than half. Great idea. Great interface.

Received Sat 12/5/98
Just a quick note of thanks for your work on UOAM ...
VERY nice!

Received Sat 12/5/98
Jay Summers
I bow before you. You are so so so. There isn't a word to describe your
talent. We need to make a new one...

Received Sat 12/5/98
Cobolt Blue
I absolutely LOVE this utility! It is brilliant!

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