UO Auto-Map Alternate Download Site

The .ZIP file on this page is a collection of the most current UOAM files (in English only).

These files are all available through the Setup Program and the updater and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you first try to get them that way.

If you are looking for the .MAP files, then click here for instructions on how to download them through the updater.

This page is provided in case you have problems with the updater and need to download the files by hand. This should be considered a last resort.

The files are compressed in a .ZIP file. In order to extract the files you will need a program such as WinZip which is capable of reading .ZIP archives.

Copy the .ZIP file to your computer and then extract the files that you need to your UOAM directory.

DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THESE FILES YOURSELF. You may direct people to this page but you may not copy these files for your friends. That is a violation of my copyright. Do not accept UOAM executables from anyone but me as there is a very high risk that they are not what they claim to be.

Click here to download the UOAM.ZIP file archive.

IMPORTANT! The BETA archive contains a version of UOAM that has not been fully tested. If you choose to download the beta files you do so at your own risk (legaleese for "I'm covering my ass" - it should be quite safe). After downloading the beta and using it for a day or two, I would appreciate it if you would send me feedback at [email protected]. Let me know if everything worked as expected or not.

NOTE: You may need to rebuild the .BMP files in your UOAM directory to get all the new dungeons to show up.  To do that, delete all the .BMP files in your UOAM directory and then use the Performance Settings dialog to rebuild them.

Click here to download the BETA.ZIP file archive.

Description of Archive Contents:

File Name Description
uoam.exe The UOAM executable.
UpdateAce.dll Updater library.
register.exe Registration program.
Common.MAP Labels for common locations including shops, cities, dungeon entrances, moongates, etc.
Atlas.MAP Supplemental labels for locations such as forests, bodies of water, islands etc. (courtesy of Magellan)
Dungeons.MAP Labels for most points of interest inside the dungeons. (Some potential spoilers here!)
Treasure.MAP Pins marking known treasure locations.
Rares.MAP Labels marking spawn points of rare objects (courtesy of Markee Dragon).

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